MuslimARC works to CREATE anti-racism programming and education resources, CONNECT a network of multi-racial and multi-faith leaders through digital media, storytelling, and dialogue, and CULTIVATE solutions through leadership development and organizing.



Since launching on February 10, 2014, MuslimARC has been successfully addressing the intersections of Anti-Black Racism and Islamophobia through regular programming in Detroit and Southern California, in addition to providing regular virtual building spaces and member-led gatherings. 

MuslimARC trainers, speakers, and consultants connect with communities across the country, furthering our impact.

As an award-winning organization, MuslimARC leaders continue to make strides in their field and are honored for their contributions including our co-founder Namira Islam who won 2016 Young Leader Award from El Hibri Foundation, Margari Hill who was honored as MPAC's 2015 Change Maker Award, 2016 Big Heart Award, Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid 2018 Humanitarian Award, and CAIR National's Muslim of 2020 Muslim of the Year; and Dr. Aliah Ajamoughli who has conducted award-winning ethnographic research on American Muslim communities.

Our training model with multi-faith groups and multi-racial coalition communities helps identify the intersections of systemic racism and Islamophobia. Within the ecology of today’s progressive movement, MuslimARC provides a unique service to support community leaders and social change organizations in building lines of solidarity across differences.

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