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The MuslimARC internship program (unpaid) offers a transformative experience for individuals passionate about addressing racial injustice. It serves as a platform for interns to gain hands-on experience, develop vital skills, and engage with a network of professionals. It allows individuals to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, fostering personal growth and enhancing resumes. At the same time, MuslimARC benefits from diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and increased capacity to advance our mission of creating a more equitable society. This mutually beneficial program empowers individuals to become change agents while strengthening our organization's ability to effect positive change.

Email Layla Abdullah-Poulos at [email protected] to apply for an internship.

Interns will receive broad training on MuslimARC's work, but we currently seek individuals to focus on the following projects:

Communications Division 

  1. Content Creation: Write articles, blog posts, and create multimedia content to raise awareness about racial equity issues.
  2. Social Media Management: Manage social media accounts, create content, and engage with the online community.
  3. Graphic Design: Design visuals, infographics, and promotional materials for events and campaigns.
  4. Public Relations: Assist in media outreach, press releases, and building relationships with media outlets.
  5. Website Management: Update and maintain the website with relevant content and information.

Development Division

  1. Fundraising: Support fundraising campaigns, donor relations, and assist in planning fundraising events.
  2. Grant Writing: Research and assist in writing grant proposals to secure funding for MuslimARC's projects.
  3. Sponsorship Outreach Identify and reach out to potential corporate sponsors and partners.
  4. Donor Database Management: Maintain donor and supporter databases and ensure accurate records.
  5. Fundraising Event Planning: Assist in planning and organizing fundraising events and campaigns.
Note: The volume of applications requires that only selected individuals will be notified.

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