Inauguration 2021 -What Can We Do Now?

Bismillaharamanarrahim. Oh Allah, Most Merciful. Most Compassionate. The January, 20th, 2021 Inauguration was a remarkable moment in American history. The magnitude of the events rippled throughout the globe, especially in communities most impacted by the policies of the previous administration. Within this cascading energy, we felt something else even more beautiful - sabr *constancy* as well as gratitude and comfort in the Most Merciful. We give thanks to the Most High that some burdens have been lifted. In that spirit, our communities commit to co-create a kinder, more compassionate world for all to grow and thrive in. 

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Mutual Eid: 7 Ways to Make Eid Inclusive

Mutual Eid 2021  

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MuslimARC's Anti-Racism Guide for White Muslims

The Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative’s new resource, the Anti-Racism Guide for White Muslims, was written for and by white Muslims. The 16-page Guide provides practical examples for working to address racism in the Muslim community and in the broader society, tailored specifically to White Muslims.   Excerpt: As people who are both white and Muslim, we straddle two identities -one privileged in society and the other, not. We experience Islamophobia to varying degrees, sometimes more overtly depending on how we physically present, and at the same time we have been socialized as white people in a society where white people hold more social power than People of Color (POC). The focus of the toolkit is to provide resources and information that will help guide us toward good practices and behaviours, and away from harmful ones, as we challenge racism within the Muslim community (ummah) and in society at large.   Key content includes: What is our role in addressing racism in the Muslim community? Approaches to racism that, in fact, unintentionally perpetuate it Practical examples for being actively anti-racist A list of resources including trainings and articles on white Muslims, allyship, understanding racism, and anti-racist parenting

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5 Things to do Post Inauguration

Executive Orders Got You Down? Yes, we’re concerned too. However, we at MuslimARC feel emboldened by the massive actions happening across the country. People are giving testimony, and making visible the suffering that is often silenced in mass media.

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#BlackLivesMatter Toolkit for Muslims - MuslimARC

This toolkit on policing and police brutality calls for American Muslims leaders to join MuslimARC in taking a stand, becoming more visible, and playing a more active part in addressing structural racism, and, in particular, police brutality. State-sanctioned violence against Black bodies, over-policing, and over-incarceration of Black Americans are emblematic of the institutional racism that is embedded in legal codes and structures in our society. The clear racial disparities and devastating effects of the prison-industrial complex on Black/African American Muslim communities demand a response from our leaders and organizers. Systemic racism not only deprives individuals of opportunities, but undermines our dignity as a people. The Black American Muslim community is not immune, as some youth are lost to the street or all but abandon their faith. Understanding the context of the Black Lives Matter movement is important.

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MuslimARC's Ramadan Anti-Racism Guide: 10 Ways to Unify

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims all over the world. It is a time when many people intensify their worship at home and in mosques and come together with friends and family. Muslims are encouraged to empathize with the poor, the hungry, and the marginalized through fasting. Through family and community gatherings, Muslims cultivate bonds in their communities and globally. Through increased charity, Muslims increase good-will toward the rest of humanity. As more Muslims flock to Muslim community centers, mosques, and gathering during Ramadan, it is an ideal time to apply our faith in our communities and broader societies. This Ramadan, MuslimARC aims to encourage Muslims to build bridges across racial and ethnic lines, affirm our bond as a spiritual community, and commit ourselves to addressing racial injustice.

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