Emersonian Dinner

Diverse voices united to counter prejudice and foster change in the entertainment industry. Margari Hill of MuslimARC and Mikail Chowdhury of LNDO Productions joined forces to host an illuminating Emersonian dinner. This gathering brought together a dynamic group of community stakeholders, all deeply committed to the power of storytelling as a catalyst for transformation.

Staff Retreat

The MuslimARC team converged in the heart of Detroit for a transformative retreat. Against the backdrop of this vibrant city, our dedicated staff gathered to fortify bonds, ignite creativity, and strategize for the path ahead.

With a spirit of togetherness, we immersed ourselves in team-building exercises that fostered trust and camaraderie. We cultivated a more substantial foundation through laughter, shared stories, and collaborative challenges, binding us as a collective force.

Whitehouse Juneteenth


MuslimARC Executive Director, Margari Aziz, was invited to join Muslim leaders at the White House for an Eid celebration. The White House Eid united people from various backgrounds, fostering dialogue, understanding, and unity. 

Detroit Street Fair 2023

Community development director Imrul Mazid manned the MuslimArc booth at the Detroit Street Fair. He was joined by AMAL fellows and volunteers. The event, hosted by Dream of Detroit included stunning performances by Muslim artists.

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