We Are Global Citizens!

Muslim ARC has connected and educated people worldwide through virtual and satellite outreach efforts for seven years. Our message has reached millions, intending to bring our global neighbors closer together. We're taking our efforts to the next level by creating a physical location to strengthen our networks and build meaningful relationships.

By establishing ARCHouse,  we will create a space beyond brick and mortar. It's a place where we can truly connect with our local community and foster meaningful relationships. We aim to provide a hub for national and global initiatives that strengthen our connection with neighbors worldwide. We're excited about the endless possibilities it brings to enhance our social justice and community-building efforts. ARCHouse opens up new doors for us to make an even more significant impact in the world, and we can't wait to see all we can do within its walls!

Join us today and experience the power of connection!



In 2017, Namira Islam took a significant step in transforming our nonprofit organization. She acquired the 1688 and 1690 duplex property, marking the birth of the ARCHouse—a physical hub for social justice and civic engagement. This long-term investment allows us to move away from rental spaces, prioritize people of color, and land trust/waqf principles. The ARCHouse also serves as a central meeting place for our virtual team, promoting cost savings and effective collaboration. Moreover, we will host a range of events, from workshops and webinars to panel discussions featuring experts from diverse fields worldwide.


A concise and transparent plan to revamp ARCHouse.

ARChouse is a groundbreaking initiative that empowers communities to combat racism and promote equity through neighborhood revitalization.

ARChouse fosters a powerful alliance between community-led anti-racism and land trust principles.

Reduces our reliance on rental space and

Incorporates a people-of-color-focused model.

A central hub for MuslimARC's virtual team, enabling cost-effective collaboration

A place to host diverse workshops, webinars, and panel discussions with international experts from various fields.


Why Motown?

Detroit’s unique history and commitment to social justice, community initiatives, and affordability make it an ideal home for ARCHouse.

The ARCHouse is strategically located in the Longfellow neighborhood, which houses many organizations that can help us build coalitions and partnerships and expand our networks. We chose the placement of ARCHouse strategically, intending to turn it into an integral part of the community locally and nationwide. MuslimARC’s neighbors include working-class families, the Muslim Center, the Dream of Detroit office, the renowned Detroit Repertory Theatre, the Huda Clinic, and the Huda Community Garden. These organizations actively contribute to the revitalization of their local neighborhood. 

Act Local, Think Global

Recognize our power to become change agents.

In today's globalized world, individuals have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference locally and globally.

Muslim ARC, its members, partner organizations, and supporters understand the interconnectedness of our world and how our actions can have a ripple effect.


Let's create a world where individuals from different backgrounds and beliefs can unite,

bridge diverse cultures and communities,

foster understanding through education and dialogue, and

empower individuals to make informed decisions by providing them with the necessary knowledge.

Join us in our efforts to build a more inclusive, connected society.


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