MuslimARC works to CREATE impactful anti-racism programming and education resources, CONNECT a network of multi-racial and multi-faith leaders through digital media, storytelling, and dialogue, and CULTIVATE effective solutions through leadership development and organizing.

Together we can successfully address xenophobia, Islamophobia, and systemic racism – while building an inclusive, respectful, pluralistic environment where everyone feels welcome and belongs.

Join us, work with us, support us so you can achieve real change.



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Our anti-racism educational resources and live, in-person training workshops are effective and impactful for organizations, groups, and communities like yours.  You'll be able to:

  • Bring vital issues into clear focus, chart a successful, achievable path forward 
  • Have important conversations that build trust and rapport
  • Change your organization for the better – beginning today.

We’re a connected, member-driven organization.  If you share our values and support our work, then join us, build with us, and invest in us.

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