Bridging Histories, Building Futures

For a decade, we at MuslimARC have stood at the forefront of advocating for racial equity within the Muslim community and beyond. We empower people by raising awareness and equipping them with the tools and language to counter inequity and implement change. Through our dedicated efforts, we have not only shed light on the issues of racial injustice but have also actively engaged individuals in dismantling systemic inequalities. In an era where concise and direct communication is often preferred, our organization strikes a balance by delivering impactful educational frameworks and messages that inspire action and foster a sense of responsibility among our audience. During Black History Month, we seek to highlight the continued struggle to educate and dismantle injustice.

Highlighting the contributions of prominent Black Muslim leaders such as abolitionist Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori, the trans-national solidarity efforts of Malcolm X, and the prison abolition work of Safiya Bukhari, Black History Month serves as a testament to the crucial role Black Muslims have played in global and U.S. social movements. In light of the increasing reports of Islamophobia and growing divisions in the United States and worldwide, MuslimARC is actively engaged in providing educational resources to college campuses and community-based organizations. 

The impact of MuslimARC's programming is both profound and far-reaching. Over the years, we've seen tangible outcomes like increased awareness of racial issues within the Muslim community, more inclusive practices, and empowered individuals who are now advocates for change. This programming benefits the Black Muslim community and extends to broader societies, fostering understanding and cooperation across diverse groups. Your contribution will enable us to expand these programs, reaching more people and creating inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive. Your support is pivotal in sustaining this vital work and helping us build our leadership pipeline. It ensures that those marginalized by systemic oppression have the means to name it, amplify their voices against it, and enact change to dismantle it.

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  • Sustain Vital Programs: Ensure our projects and advocacy efforts through 2024, our 10th Anniversary
  • Support Our Team: Help us build curricula and train our dedicated staff.  
  • Expand Outreach: Enable us to reach and support more communities, amplifying our message of unity and justice.

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