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Workshop Tracks

Note: There is a participant size limit per workshop. Workshops that have over 30 participants will require an additional facilitator.

Session 1: Introduction to Anti-Racism: Mapping the Impact of Racial Ideologies 

This module focuses on the LEARNING Competency by providing an introductory session on how racial ideologies impact our lives. We begin by establishing community guidelines to set the stage for the learning and conversation that will ensue, as well leave room for participants to add to this. Through clear definitions, interactive activities, and conversation participants are introduced to the four levels of racism from the internal aspects to external (ideological, internalized, interpersonal, institutional). In learning about the four levels of racism, we are grounded in an Islamic framework. 


Session  2: Internalized Racism

This module focuses on the SELF-ASSESSMENT competency by exploring the ways participants have internalized racism as well as how to embody MuslimARC values to establish a practice of antiracism in their daily lives. This module focuses on self-assessment to ground racial and social identities in antiracist values and aligned actions. By the end of this session, participants will utilize their self-assessment to begin a journey of racial healing embodying ARCValues of positive self-identity, appreciation for diversity, mutual recognition, intercultural dialogue, and  justice and equity.


Session 3: Interpersonal Racism

This session builds on our ACCOUNTABILITY competency, providing a faith-based framework for countering harmful interpersonal racism. Together, participants will review case studies and learn the gift of our community “calling us in” on the intentional and unintentional harm we commit, how to verbally respond in these moments of call-in, and the ways in which we can create change in our actions to prevent this type of harm again. Above all, this session uplifts the Prophetic narrative of compassionate mercy and challenges how we can implement these prophetic ways into our actions as individuals, colleagues, and businesses.


Session 4:  Institutional  Racism

This session focuses on the IMPLEMENTATION Competency. Participants will examine the ways in which racial inequities shape People of Color led organizations. Participants will explore case studies and brainstorm strategies on how to counter supremacist culture organizations. Participants will close out the series with commitments to continue being changemakers in all four dimensions (Ideological, Internal, Interpersonal, and Ideological)

We must approach anti-Muslim bias not only as religious tolerance or security rights issues, but also as a racial justice issue that requires systems change approach. MuslimARC offers a 10-hour workshop seriescomposed of five modules from MuslimARC’s Critical Anti-Islamophobia track, a workshop series that empowers participants to recognize the systemic roots of anti-Muslim discrimination and their effects in popular culture, education, civil discourse, and government policy. Through presentations and interactive activities, participants will identify and connect examples of Islamophobia in global and domestic contexts.

Inventing Racism: Is race real?

  • Learn the historical roots of racism and its global impact today
  • Understand the intersections of racism and Islamophobia
  • Co-create a shared definition of racism
  • Introduce the “four I’s” of racism: internalized, interpersonal, institutional, ideological

Ideological Racism: What are Islamophobic ideologies?

  • Unpack the significance of ideological racism
  • Discuss the impact of the three prongs of white supremacy on Islamophobic ideologies
  • Set the foundation for how ideological racism relates to the other three I's of racism

Internalized Racism: What Islamophobic ideologies do we hold as truth?

  • Reflect on the figures and ideas that shaped participants’ beliefs with compassion
  • Gently explore participants’ understanding of Islamophobia, systemic oppression, and the narratives that they have internalized
  • Place these reflections and explorations within theories of self
  • Begin the journey of healing from internalized superiority and/or inferiority

Interpersonal Racism:  How does Islamophobia impact community building?

  • Ask how internalized racism and Islamophobia show up in our relationships, strategies, and priorities
  • Review harmful behaviors that reinscribe racial hierarchies in our everyday lives
  • Learn a Prophetic model to receive call-ins as a gift and respond with compassion
  • Chart possible interventions in Islamophobic ideological and imagine outcomes

Institutional Racism: Towards critical anti-Islamophobia

  • Define white dominant culture and its impact on institutionalized Islamophobia
  • Engage with the theory of “soft Islamophobia” and its impact on the “four I’s” of racism
  • Strategize ways to intervene in structural “soft Islamophobia” and commit to change

Do you need a customized series of workshops for your organization, student group, youth, or trainers? MuslimARC has provided trainings on specific topics, merged workshops from different tracks to fit within an allotted time, and trained trainers on our specific anti-racism material.

We have material on a variety of subjects and expert facilitators who have worked to customize workshops for participants. Request a tailored training that combines elements from different tracks or that focuses on training specific types of audiences.

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