Fee-Based Services

MuslimARC regularly publishes free toolkits, information posts, and resource videos. In addition to the open access resources we provide to communities, we offer an array of fee-based services related to advancing racial justice, including:

Racial Justice Trainings

We customize our interactive workshops to the needs and goals of organizations, with formats including short exercise and discussion sessions to weekend retreats.


We assist organizations in developing inclusive practices, training for diversity, and assessment of curriculum, programming, and event planning strategies.

Subscription Based Services

We provide access for members to resources like online courses on racial justice, our membership portal, and events like webinars, monthly calls, and meet-ups.

Seek a Consultation

Get advice from a MuslimARC organizer.


Get Trained

Request a speaker and/or workshop from a MuslimARC facilitator.


Become a Member

Get access to MuslimARC's subscription-based services.

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