Invest in your organization by investing in our organization -- that's already enabled more than 25,000 people to learn, grow, develop, and benefit

via in-person trainings, talks, live panels, and convenings in 45 cities across America -- and counting.

In the last year alone, donations like yours have enabled us to take part in 165 events and deliver 68 workshops for organizational leaders, K-12 educators, lawyers, religious and nonprofit officials, philanthropists, frontline workers, and many more. 

Investments like this enable MuslimARC to continue purposefully and impactfully create dynamic, welcoming spaces where participants can learn about racial equity, work strategically to build a more just world together, and deliver real results.

MuslimARC’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work is rooted in anti-racist models of community building, in addition to community projects. These projects include our AMAL fellowship program, which trains the next generation of American Muslim leaders, and our ARCHouse, a home in a historically Black Muslim neighborhood in Detroit that we are restoring.

 Build an equitable future for us. Your donation will ensure that MuslimARC continues to:

  • Create spaces for learning and developing racial equity
  • Connect people using digital media, dialogue, and storytelling to foster a multiracial and multiethnic network; and
  • Deliver real results to advance racial equity.

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