Through trainings, talks, live panels, and convenings, we have reached over 25,000 people on the ground and many more online. Our trainers have delivered three tracks of our curriculum in 45 cities across the country. Last year, we participated in over 165 events and delivered 68 workshops. Attendees include lawyers, religious and nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, and K-12 educators, among many others. 

MuslimARC works intentionally and deliberately to create dynamic, welcoming spaces where participants can learn about racial equity and work strategically to build a more just world together. Your donation can help ensure that MuslimARC is able to do the following:

  1. Create spaces for learning and developing racial equity
  2. Connect people using digital media, dialogue, and storytelling to foster a multiracial and multiethnic network; and
  3. Cultivate solutions to advance racial equity.



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