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MuslimARC's membership program provides gathering spaces for people committed to learning about and developing racial equity. Our membership program connects a collaborative network of multi-faith, multi-racial relationships that are embedded in the community. We strive to make racial justice education accessible across dis/ability, capital and fiscal resources, and educational background. Together, we cultivate solutions for racial equity. Sign up to become a member today.

With individual membership, you can access a wide range of services and support, including our online Slack channel, courses and trainings, and access to membership meetups happening in cities all across the country. Through 2019-2020, MuslimARC membership dues are starting at $15/monthIf you're able to contribute more, we encourage you to select a higher amount so that your funds help open up space for members who can't financially contribute as much. Every dollar goes a long way.

Perks include:

  • Access to the members-only global online Slack channel
  • Joining members-only meetups in person in cities across the country 
  • Full access to ad-free online curriculum, trainings, & webinars
  • Members-only portal to resources like a reading list, glossary, etc. through the ARCHub
  • Eligibility for leadership development opportunities presented to members
  • Exclusive updates from MuslimARC leadership, including at regularly scheduled membership meetings
  • A meaningful role in supporting and building a powerful multi-ethnic coalition to challenge racism

2021 Members' Calendar

Throughout the year, we will hold a monthly members-only meeting on the first Saturday of the month. On the second Saturday, we will hold our monthly volunteer meeting. 

January 9 Volunteer monthly Meeting (3-4p EST)
February 6 Members-Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
February 13 Volunteer monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
March 6 Members-Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
March 13 Volunteer monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
April 3 Members -Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
April 10  Volunteer Monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
May 1 Members-Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
May 8 Volunteer monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
June 5 Members-Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
June 12 Volunteer monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
July 3 Members -Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
July 10 Volunteer Monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
August 7 Members-Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
August 14 Volunteer monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
September 4 Members-Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
September 11 Volunteer monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
October 2 Members -Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
October 9 Volunteer Monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
November 6 Members-Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
November 13 Volunteer monthly meeting (3-4p EST)
December 4 Members -Only Meeting (3-4p EST)
December 11 Volunteer Monthly meeting (3-4p EST)

Online Courses include:
To access these courses, register as a member. Registration is available 24/7.

This training is the first in a three part series that provides MuslimARC members with the conceptual and theological framework for a Muslim Anti-Racism.  It consists of three units with videos, interactive content, and in unit assessments, and final reflection.  Study at your own pace, the course will remember where you left off. 

This course is the second in a series of three, which prepares MuslimARC members for anti-racism work by providing a framework for understanding how privilege and oppression and how they operate in the Muslim community. Prerequisite: Anti-Racism 101.

This course is third in a series of three. It provides a general overview of Prophetic etiquette in communication, offering criticism, expressing needs, and calling individuals into account.

Pay dues, complete the brief membership application, and join our Slack channel over at the ARC Hub:

Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative