Action Items for Solidarity Against the Murder of Black Men and Women

On Friday, May 29th, Imam Jihad Saafir of Islah LA led the discussion, inviting Amir Abdel Malik Ali of the Oakland Islamic Community Center, Umar Hakim of ILM Foundation, Imam Abu Qadir Al-Amin of San Francisco Muslim Community Center, Amir Sundiata Rashid of Lighthouse Mosque, Tariq Ali of Islah LA, Imam Fateen Seifullah of Masjid As-Sabur, Ms. Latifah,  Ismahan Abdullahi of MAS-PACE, and our Executive Director Margari Hill for an online action for George Floyd. 

The California Black Muslim leaders shared insight on police brutality, Muslim organizing, and our duty to establish weight with justice. Imam Jihad Saafir outlined actions of solidarity that non-Black Muslims should take during this difficult time.  

The solidarity actions are as follows: 

  1. Muslim organizations, Mosques, and community centers must draft a letter of solidarity with the Black community, and in particular with Black families, whose loved ones have been taken and impacted by police violence. We expect all allies to publicly condemn police brutality across the US as despicable, harmful, and an injustice that must end immediately.
  2. Muslim organizations (legal, humanitarian, financial, spiritual, and social), Mosques, and community centers must participate in a Day of Outrage on June 5th - where collectively each Masjid/center/organization across CA dedicate their Friday talk or recorded message in condemnation of anti-Blackness and police brutality.
  3. Muslim organizations, Mosques and community centers must commit internally to addressing anti-Blackness within their locality through education, dialogue, courageous conversations and a firm commitment to accountability. Must also make external commitment to work with Black communities in their local cities as allies to address anti-Blackness within their community and congregation, publicly recognizing that this is a priority issue in the Muslim community.
  4. Call the district attorney Mike Freeman @ 612-348-5550 (Email: [email protected]) demanding that all those involved (all officers on-site) in the murder of George Floyd be held accountable, and immediately charged and investigated. Call/Email message: “My name is ______ and I am demanding that all officers on-site in the murder of George Floyd be held accountable. They must be immediately arrested, charged and investigated for murder. Enough is enough.
  5. Join local efforts to uplift justice and equity for the Black community, including calls to actions, protests, etc. History is being made, we must not sit on the sidelines. July 4th Cali Muslims Ride-Out against Anti-Blackness and Police Violence! (Car Caravan) NorCal from Light House Masjid // SoCal from Islah LA

Watch the full video here:


ONLINE ACTION FOR GEORGE FLOYD "Establish Weight with Justice"

Posted by Islah L.A on Friday, May 29, 2020

Share the action items infographs with your network and community. 


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For further resources and tips, see MuslimARC's Black Lives Matter for Muslims Toolkit.

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