Frequently Asked Questions

Participants should have a basic knowledge of anti-racism concepts and have taken a type of anti-racism 101 program previously. The Detroit Anti-Racism Training is a learner-centered program. It is designed to benefit all levels of anti-racism experiences. The varied levels of experience enhances the learning for all participants.  Please contact us for further questions.

The workshop is designed to fulfill DEI training requirements. The course overview is provided and can be submitted to your place of employment for their review.

MuslimARC creates an inclusive and affirming environment for self-reflection and growth. The day will be interactive with small group sessions, movement, presentations, and discussions.  The shared experience will bring you into the Muslim ARC family of certified individuals.  Please view the tentative training agenda for further details.

Yes. The Eastside Community network is located on 4401 Conner Street and is accessible with public transportation.

Yes. There is free parking available in the parking lot of Eastside Community Network.

No. DART is available to people from every background.  MuslimARC trainers have worked with all types of people and entities with their training.

Yes. The program will factor in salah times. A space will be available throughout the day for prayer and meditation/reflection for people of all belief systems.

We will address your dietary needs during the registration process

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