We invite sponsors to contribute to the Detroit Anti-Racism Training (DART23). Your generosity is a strategic investment in shaping a more equitable society. By partnering with us, you support the certification of 30-45 trainees, uplifting a community of anti-racism practitioners. Your commitment deepens our ability to challenge systemic inequities and cultivate transformative change. Allies offset the $500 per participant training cost.  

Through your support, we enhance our capacity through the AMAL apprenticeship program. In addition, your contribution creates powerful digital messaging. By backing DART23 filming, we can develop self-paced workshop materials and educational vignettes that reach broader audiences and magnify our global impact. Uplifters and Advocates cover the $2000 participation, transportation, and accommodations costs for one MuslimARC trainer.  

Your sponsorship will also cover licensing and certification for our Train-the-Trainer textbook. This ensures that our training is accessible and sustainable for both individuals and institutions. We welcome you as a partner in this journey toward a more just and equitable future. A Champion supports the $3000 DART23 filming cost for self-paced workshop materials. A Sustainer covers the $4000 train-the-trainer textbook, licensing, and certification costs.

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