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From Sea to Shining Sea: Organizing in the Time of Genocide

Be a part of our education and awareness campaign aimed at responding to the genocide in Palestine and the surge in anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian racism, Islamophobia, and erosion of Muslim American and Arab American civil liberties. The series aims to fill a critical gap by providing a space to gather stories of solidarity,  build shared analysis, and provide education and narrative resources. Further, it aims to offer a corrective, including the erasure of Palestinian American voices in responding to systemic Islamophobia since October 7th.  Throughout the globe, from sea to shining sea, Muslim communities are targeted by ethno-religious states, subjected to dehumanizing political and media discourses, criminalized, and dispossessed. Since our founding in 2014, MuslimARC has worked to raise awareness about other genocides in Burma, Sudan, Tigray, XianXan, and more. We must connect the dots: Christian dominionism, Hindutva, Han Supremacy, and Zionism. We can develop a root cause analysis and organize for a better world.  As the leading organization bridging racial justice and anti-Islamophobia organizing, MuslimARC provides an anti-racism/n framework that is rooted in solidarity and anti-oppression. 

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MuslimARC joins Muslim Latino Unity and Black Lives Matter LA for Black & Palestinian Solidarity. Saturday, December 23, 2023 at La Cienega Park. If you’re in Los Angeles, see you there!


Healing for Collective Liberation: Palestine, Sudan, India, and the US

Black Liberation Theology in the Time of Genocide: a Multi-faith approach

Bystander Intervention and CARE Model for Coalition Building

Online Resources

Have you Been Targeted?

A Storytelling initiative aimed at illustrating the everyday impact of political and media discourses, discrimination, and hate.  

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MuslimARC Sea to Shining Sea toolkit

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