In Challenging Times, Every Act of Generosity Counts

At MuslimARC, we have always been driven by the passion and support of our community. Today, as we face unprecedented challenges, we turn to you, our dedicated supporters, with an urgent request for assistance. Our Emergency Fund is a direct response to the immediate financial needs that threaten our ability to continue our vital work.

Why We Need Your Help Now

Navigating Unforeseen Challenges

The global situation has left us facing unforeseen financial constraints that impact our programs and operations. Now, more than ever, we need your help to sustain our mission and continue advocating for racial equity.

Your Impact

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Your contribution to the Emergency Fund will:

Sustain Vital Programs: Ensure our projects and advocacy efforts can continue without interruption.

Support Our Team: Help us keep our dedicated staff essential to our mission.

Expand Outreach: Enable us to reach and support more communities, amplifying our message of unity and justice.

How to Donate

Join Us in Making a Difference

Offer your support by donating today. Every contribution, big or small, has a significant impact. 

Share Our Message

Spread the Word

Your voice is powerful. Please help us reach others who share our values and might be willing to support our cause. Share our message on social media, your community, and your network.

Thank You for Your Support

Your support in these trying times is more than a donation—a statement of solidarity and a commitment to our cherished values. Thank you for standing with MuslimARC. Together, we can face these challenges and continue to make a difference.


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