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  • RT @JihadiJew: The Satan/Shaytan is a good burglar. He doesn't rob an empty house. He waits til you bring home treasure. So his showing up …
    05/07/2015 06:49:53

  • RT @JihadiJew: Whenever we strive in spiritual matters, the Satan/Shaytan shows up. The wise striver is on the lookout.
    05/07/2015 06:49:51

  • RT @capetownbrown: Mention slavery and it's, "Forget the past and move on." Ask to remove relics of white supremacy and it's, "You're tryin…
    05/07/2015 06:48:08

  • RT @JilanVegas: Battle of Algiers the best film of an uprising ever made.
    05/07/2015 06:47:34

  • RT @buonasahra: I have never seen so many local police, state police, national guard, military, BOMB squads, tactical units. than I have to…
    05/07/2015 06:46:36

  • RT @UmmahWide: $20,325 raised in 2.5 days to #rebuild #churches during #Ramadan #RespondWithLove #whoisburningblackchurches…
    05/07/2015 06:45:56

  • We made it! #RespondWithLove
    05/07/2015 06:25:05

  • RT @UmmahWide: $330 dollars to go to get to $20,000 in 2.5 days @lsarsour @faatimahknight @namirari @LaunchGood
    05/07/2015 05:09:04

  • "We have issues of Muslim children looked down upon for the color of their skin." -@DawudWalid. #UnfinishedBusiness:
    05/07/2015 03:06:23

  • RT @namirari: So close to $20k!
    05/07/2015 01:10:23

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