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  • RT @HanifJWilliams: I will never compromise my African heritage nor the Sunnah. Both are deeply embedded in my creation. #BeingBlackAndMusl…
    24/02/2015 03:47:34

  • RT @greenleafbrown: #BeingBlackAndMuslim I talk to #WhiteMuslims about racism because I love them too much not to. Painful honesty is worth…
    24/02/2015 03:47:21

  • RT @HanifJWilliams: We are asked to retweet/post/share about tyrannical Arab leaders,yet many are eerily silent with Trayvon,Mike and Eric …
    24/02/2015 03:47:16

  • RT @poeticsinmotion: #BeingBlackAndMuslim colourism is still an issue in the MENA region, esp among the middle and upper class. (Again my s…
    24/02/2015 03:47:10

  • RT @DawudWalid: #BeingBlackAndMuslim is liberation and not blindly accepting the status quo within White America or the Muslim world.
    24/02/2015 03:47:04

  • RT @KameelahRashad: @MuslimARC: Pls share. Blk Muslim participants needed for rep sample. Study: Mental Health of Muslim Americans: https:/…
    24/02/2015 03:44:28

  • RT @Alhamdhulillaah: O Allah, I ask You for Paradise and any speech or deed that may bring me closer to it.
    23/02/2015 23:12:16

  • RT @Margari_Aziza: Now that you've explained why you don't have diverse friends, now tell me your strategies for diversifying your social s…
    23/02/2015 23:11:50

  • Thousands of tweets under our #BeingBlackAndMuslim hashtag mA - what were your favorites? Send us links to your top tweets.
    23/02/2015 23:10:20

  • The keychains are in. Did you donate to our #IAmMuslimARC campaign and select an incentive? They're on their way iA.
    23/02/2015 23:09:02

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