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  • RT @Margari_Aziza: @MuslimARC is about to launch a series of youth workshops in San Bernadino County. More to come. #AllfromAdam
    23/10/2014 02:00:14

  • RT @Margari_Aziza: @MuslimARC's Phenomenal @namirari join @YasminMogahed for Empowering Women: Strength Through Diversity…
    23/10/2014 02:00:11

  • #Muslims4Ferguson Raises Cry To End Racial Profiling On Day Of Action Against Police Brutality SKI
    22/10/2014 22:22:47

  • Only 2 more days: @MuslimARC ED @namirari will join Yasmin Mogahed @ Empowering Women: Strength Through Diversity iA!
    22/10/2014 19:57:20

  • RT @mayalhassen: @muhajabah @MuslimARC really important for CA registered voters to vote YES on #prop47 #Muslims4Ferguson moves prison $ to…
    22/10/2014 18:06:57

  • Reminder: many issues do not affect Black AND Brown the same way. Be vigilant about seeing injustice for what it is. #Muslims4Ferguson -NI
    22/10/2014 18:05:51

  • RT @Deen_today: We are an ummah who stand against injustice! #Muslims4Ferguson
    22/10/2014 18:03:31

  • RT @basheerj: All people deserves justice whether their Muslim or not! No matter their color!! #Muslims4Ferguson
    22/10/2014 18:03:27

  • RT @saifsyed01: Civilized society means no one is above the law. Hold the police accountable. #Muslims4Ferguson
    22/10/2014 18:03:24

  • RT @HanifJWilliams: Our social media activism must be a vehicle used to move us into action as a united, positive unit. #Muslims4Ferguson
    22/10/2014 18:03:02

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