Volunteer Opportunities

The primary mission of the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC) is to provide training and education resources to advance racial justice. Our methodology is informed by our belief in “Education for Liberation.” Our mission is to create spaces to learn and develop racial equity, connect people using digital media, dialogue and storytelling, and cultivate solutions for racial justice through research and curriculum development.

Diversity, inclusion, and racial equity improve the quality of life for everyone in our society by building bridges to address enduring problems of poverty, environmental degradation, and violence. As a faith-based organization, MuslimARC works with Muslim and allied communities to build capacity for racial justice work, as well as with interfaith and multiracial coalitions to train allied communities about the intersections of systemic racism and Islamophobia. We use both online educational platforms and on-the-ground workshops to encourage the development of an appreciation of diversity and the creation of multiple exchanges of meaningful dialogue to combat racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.  


Completing an internship is a great way for someone to consistently contribute to Muslim anti-racism efforts. MuslimARC is committed to providing a work experience that will serve people well after they work with us.

Interns will

  • join a dynamic and engaging team
  • gain marketable skills
  • have an opportunity to complete trainings and receive other membership perks; and
  • be able to shape the future of the organization.

Interns who are not already members of MuslimARC will need to successfully complete our membership process.  See below for information about our current openings and information regarding how you can apply. For questions, email jobs@muslimarc.org.

Most of our internships are part-time and can be completed remotely. However, preference will be given to those based in Michigan and Southern California.

View all open Internship positions and application requirements here.

Board of Director Positions

A board of directors is the group of people responsible for the strategic management of a for-profit or nonprofit corporation. MuslimARC has a working Board with each member contributing to the success of MuslimARC. The Board operates by following the MuslimARC’s bylaws.

MuslimARC Board meetings will be conducted through webconference. Staff and members may present concerns or submit proposals during the first ½ hour of the meeting. In order to maintain confidentiality, the rest of the meeting will remain closed. The Board of Directors will be responsible for hiring paid staff, including the Community Engagement Director and the Executive Director.

Expectations for a Director: 

  • Attend monthly board meeting webconference
  • Read MuslimARC communications (reports, agendas, planning documents) 
  • Attend two weekend board retreats during the year (locations will vary from Detroit, Los Angeles, or Washington, D.C.; preference is given to applicants based in those locations)
  • Complete up to ten hours of project work a month.
  • Give or get (help fundraise) $5,000/term
  • Total time: 10-15 hours per month

Board members will have assistance from consultants, interns, and volunteers to execute on their job descriptions. We are currently seeking the following skilled individuals for the 2018 MuslimARC Board:

  • Legal Director
    • Providing legal advice, interpretation, and guidance regarding contracts, state/federal regulatory requirements, intellectual property or trademark protection, and other business matters.
    • Drafting and filing legal documents where needed.
    • Coordinating and reviewing the work of internal or external legal staff.
    • Currently licensed and in good standing 
  • Development Director
    • Developing and executing on MuslimARC’s annual fundraising plan
    • Developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with major donors
    • Creating and executing a strategy for a large sustained base of annual individual donors
    • Overseeing organization of fundraising events
    • Developing and tracking proposals and reports for all foundation and corporate fundraising

TO APPLY: email your resume and a cover letter detailing why you are interested in and how you are qualified for this position to jobs@muslimarc.org. We welcome inquiries about any of these positions and can provide a longer job description on request.

Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative