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  • RT @DrSuad: My take on American Muslims and the Facts of Blackness for @islamicmonthly. @MuslimARC @Margari_Aziza @m…
    22/09/2014 22:27:33

  • Check out" "American Muslims & the 'Facts of Blackness'" by @DrSuad -MH
    22/09/2014 22:27:19

  • China's war on terror becomes all-out attack on Islam in Xinjiang- SKI
    22/09/2014 21:00:30

  • Read a thoughtful piece by Heather Bukhari #ISNA51: "MuslimARC & Discussions on Race at ISNA"…eather-bukhari/
    22/09/2014 16:59:37

  • The U.S. marks National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15 each year. In honor of...
    22/09/2014 14:01:22

  • #BeingLatinoMuslim will be rescheduled for later this week iA, but feel free to add in your thoughts and comments under the HT today. -NI
    21/09/2014 18:42:46

  • Sadly, we will be rescheduling #BeingLatinoMuslim today due to technical problems with one of our guests' connection. Stay tuned. -NI
    21/09/2014 18:34:12

  • #BeingLatinoMuslim will be starting a little late today - anticipating a 2.30 pm EST start time inshaAllah. Stay tuned. -NI
    21/09/2014 18:02:31

  • Join us in just a few moments for this amazing discussion on #BeingLatinoMuslim Click here:
    21/09/2014 18:01:36

  • RT @Margari_Aziza: My @AzizahMagazine came in the mail yest these articles are everything! @TinyMuslimah @DrSuad @MuslimARC masha'allah htt…
    21/09/2014 15:38:58

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