Track III: Critical Anti-Islamophobia

We must approach anti-Muslim bias not just as religious tolerance or security rights issues, but as a racial justice issue that requires  systems change approach. MuslimARC offers a full-day workshop composed of four modules from MuslimARC’s Critical Anti-Islamophobia track, a workshop series that empowers participants to recognize the systemic roots of anti-Muslim discrimination and their effects in popular culture, education, civil discourse, and government policy. Through presentations and interactive activities, participants will identify and connect examples of Islamophobia in global and domestic contexts. 

Audience: nonprofit and social change leaders (Law Students, Philanthropy, nonprofit leaders, community, educators, groups)

SELF ASSESSMENT: Exploring our Identities and Understanding

  • Participants explore their identity formation 
  • Participants will explore their own understanding of Islamophobia, systemic oppression and the narratives that they have internalized 

LEARNING: What Is Islamomophobia?

  • How does white supremacy shape Islamophobia?  Three prongs of white supremacy 
  • Interpersonal and structural discrimination

ACCOUNTABILITY: How does Islamophobia show up in our work?

  • Case studies: How does internalized racism and Islamophobia show up in our relationships, strategies, and priorities?
  • Charting possible interventions and outcomes

INSTITUTIONALIZATION: Towards critical anti-Islamophobia 

  • Overview of Soft Islamophobia 
  • Strategic brainstorming and commitments

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