Track II: ARCompetencies - Professional Development

Anti-Racism Competencies is a leadership development program that aims to bring about racial equity in social change work. MuslimARC has incorporated the latest research on anti-racism and best practices in cultural competency from the fields of education and social work - and insights from five years of training in predominantly People of Color spaces - to provide a results-based training. We will explore various forms of social identities for an intersectional approach. In these workshops, MuslimARC trainers will lead participants through interactive activities that will increase awareness and skills for anti-racism competencies.


Audience: nonprofit and social change leaders (Rise Together Fund, CUNY,  Community Organizers, Faculty training, Educators, Law School students and faculty), public and private schools( Early Education to Adult Education.)

Module 1: Anti-Racism and SELF-ASSESSMENT 

  • Discover historical and continuous social impact of racism on people, communities, and organizations
  • Explore the impact of social identities, privileges, and intersectionalities on social change work

Module 2: LEARNING the Anti-Racism Competency framework

  • Revisit the social impact of racism and its manifestations in organizations
  • Identify and apply anti-racism competencies to develop healthy work cultures

Module 3: Allyship and ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Understand allyship with accountability as a key anti-racism competency
  • Illustrate how social identities shape our responses to intercultural conflict
  • Implement compassionate communication


  • Revisit anti-racism competencies to develop healthy work cultures and systems change
  • Design strategies to incorporate ARCompetency frameworks in your organizational culture

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