Track I: Race Identity Series - Community Education

MuslimARC offers six modules in the “Racial Identity Series” which explores the development of racialized communities to explore themes of racial formation, internalized racism, and intercultural conflict. Utilizing a mix of short informative presentations, and workshop exercises that include dialogue, storytelling, and art, each interactive session provides an introductory level workshop exploring how to uproot racism and foster multi-racial alliances.


Audience: community groups (Take On Hate, Religious groups, youth programs, retreats, Minidoka pilgrimage)

Racism 101 

 Participants will begin to understand systematic racism and bigotry in the context of critical race theory and human rights law, and learn skills to begin countering racism and engaging in deeper, more genuine solidarity work. 

Narrative and oppression

Drawing on theories of racial formation and racial identity development for people of color and white people.  Through storytelling, participants will share their stories and family histories to explore racial identity and how systemic oppression has affected them. Through dialogue, participants will develop strategies for addressing the common root of their shared oppression. 

Identity, Privileges, and Self-Awareness

Drawing on discussion, group activities,  and self-reflection, this workshop will help participants explore their social identities to consider how they intersect with race. They will consider the ways in which privilege or oppression have shaped who they are and develop ways to challenge values assigned to race. 

Colorism - internalized oppression & intra-community issues 

With an aim of providing a healing and forward-looking space, this workshop will explore the powerful ways in which colorism has affected communities of color and look to ways in which we can heal from the psychological harm. Through dialogue and discussion, participants will outline the ways that this has shown up in interpersonal and intra-community issues. Participants will then develop strategies to consider ways to uproot the negative message.

Overcoming Implicit Bias and Microaggressions 

Contrary to what we assume, much of interpersonal racism is unintentional. This workshop aims to explore implicit bias and how it can affect our everyday choices, as well as microaggressions and why they matter. Through exercises and follow up work, participants will develop long term strategies to interrupt harmful and oppressive behaviors.

Compassionate Intercultural Communication 

Building multiracial coalitions and community organizing can be exhausting work and there will often be times when community members disagree or make mistakes such as perpetuating microaggressions or overstep boundaries. This workshop aims to help us become better allies by providing tips and tools for compassionate communication, such as utilizing non-violent communication, to address a grievance or apologize for a blunder, conflict resolution, and calling in someone who has done something harmful.


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