Shireen Hamza

I joined MuslimARC during the period of organizing following the murder of Mike Brown and non-indictment of Darren Wilson, after thinking about my role as an ally in this movement, and how I could be useful without my presence becoming intrusive. I had been following MuslimARC on social media and attending the webinars they put together, which was mainly how I became aware of the seriousness and pervasiveness of anti-black racism in many Muslim-American communities. 

After joining MuslimARC, I have helped edit and present theological materials on anti-racism written by brilliant Black Muslim scholars, helped facilitate a workshop at a local Islamic Center, and written about why Muslims should participate in the rebuilding of Black churches. Doing so has given me many of the tools I need to have difficult and necessary conversations with people in my family and various communities and to encourage other Muslims at Rutgers to action.

MuslimARC is an amazing example of intergenerational organizing; I look forward to the continued classes and resources they provide to help get various age groups involved in organizing, and to help make certain spaces safe for (all) Muslims, from college MSAs to programming for the elderly in Masajid.

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