Soft Islamophobia: Namira Islam

This 2018 article by MuslimARC Co-Founder Namira Islam explores Islamophobia as a system of oppression by examining policies and practices found in liberal or left-leaning “anti-Islamophobia” spaces in the United States that limit the efficacy of the fight for justice. 

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Study of Intra-Muslim Ethnic Relations: Muslim American Views on Race Relations

Preliminary Report MuslimARC launched the first nationwide study of Muslim American views on race relations on December 8, 2014. The survey aimed to reach “mosqued” and “unmosqued” Muslims by utilizing the power and membership of social media, national Muslim organizations, student groups, social networks and personal contacts. MuslimARC reached out to many diverse Muslim groups to determine perspectives on race relations, segregation of Muslim populations, and personal experiences with race within Muslim communities and in North American societies at large.

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Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative