Inauguration 2021 -What Can We Do Now?

Bismillaharamanarrahim. Oh Allah, Most Merciful. Most Compassionate.

The January, 20th, 2021 Inauguration was a remarkable moment in American history. The magnitude of the events rippled throughout the globe, especially in communities most impacted by the policies of the previous administration. Within this cascading energy, we felt something else even more beautiful - sabr *constancy* as well as gratitude and comfort in the Most Merciful. We give thanks to the Most High that some burdens have been lifted. In that spirit, our communities commit to co-create a kinder, more compassionate world for all to grow and thrive in. 

We felt the deepest prayers of folks from all backgrounds, races, classes, privileges, and faiths. As each new part of the inauguration continued, on bated breath, we prayed that violence would not disrupt the transition of power. Many were moved by this Inauguration’s firsts (first Black, first Asian, and first woman Vice President), as well as the language used by the president. We witnessed families inspired by the speeches and symbolism of the moment, families who have been targeted intergenerationally by policies. Deepa Iyer, author of We too Sing America tweeted “That this POTUS used words such as #whitesupremacy #systemicracism and #nativism in an inaugural address is a testament to the power of movements led by people who have been at the margins but have always been organizing & advocating for what’s right.”

For all the organizers, mosques, leaders, advocates, mothers, fathers, and youth fighting hard for years and years, weekend after weekend, press release after press release: We see you.

As we celebrate policy wins, we recognize that many did not survive the previous administration. Over 400,000 have passed from COVID within the last year. With a heavy heart, we grieve the loss of so many family members, co-workers, and friends whose lives deserved protection from inadequate healthcare, disinformation, and poor administration. Losses exacerbated by family separation, mass incarceration, and the Muslim and African ban. For those who did not make it, we carry on the struggle and honor them. For all of you from marginalized communities who viewed the inauguration and felt a mix of emotions, vacillating between ease and fear, know that you are not alone. It is normal to feel mistrust and  anxiety. We have faced generational trauma and, even more recently, betrayals from those in office.

Within hours of taking office, President Biden's Executive Orders addressed issues affecting Black, undocumented, Native, Immigrant, and poor:

  • Provided a Pathway to Citizenship
  • Halted the border wall construction
  • Canceled Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Revoked exclusion of non-citizens from census
  • Extended eviction moratorium
  • Ended the 1776 commission, which whitewashed US history

The MuslimARC family and our partners will continue to call for justice and for what's right.Following the January 2017 Inauguration, we published the Sacred Resistance Check-List. Today, we have four recommendations for our next steps: 1. Rest  2. Re-energize 3. Re-charge, and 4. Keep going

Joining our Training this Saturday is the first step towards our paid AMAL fellowship - towards our fight to make the world a safer and kinder place for those who come after us. As we see Amanda Gorman, a black daughter of a single mother with ancestors forced into slavery, standing before the most powerful leaders in the world speaking her truth, we join her in her call to be changemakers. We will be light. Bismillah.

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