Track IV: Anti-Racism and Anti-Islamophobia Narrative Change

As a media based anti-racism education organization, MuslimARC has connected anti-racism leaders, sustained conversations about anti-racism, and help shift the ways in which popular culture and media talk about American Muslims. As we center the voices of those impacted by multiple oppressions, we aim for a systems change approach in all levels of storytelling, supporting the leadership development of creatives, consulting institutions in making their spaces more equitable, and connecting social change and entertainment to advance racial equity. This curriculum track is aimed at narrative change and providing creatives with a systems change analysis with practical steps to become leaders who advance racial justice through their storytelling. 

Audience: Media, Entertainment, and popular culture (Screenwriters, directors, authors, filmmakers, narrative change field creatives)

SELF ASSESSMENT: Narratives We’ve internalized 

  • Explore the narratives that shape our identity formation,  the impact of storytelling,  and the stories we tell about self and others 
  • Participants will explore their own understanding of racism, Islamophobia, systemic oppression, and privileges/disadvantages

LEARNING: White Dominant Culture  and Anti-Racism Competency

  • Explore social identities and reflect on aspects of white dominant culture in narrative change work
  • Examine the interplay between dominant narratives, decision making, and impact upon targeted communities 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Intercultural Conflict and Community Partnerships 

  • Build frameworks and practices that  interrupt harmful narratives and mitigate privilege in narrative work 
  • Through case studies build skills for addressing a grievance and redressing harm

INSTITUTIONALIZATION: Planning for Systems Change

  • Moving beyond interpersonal anti-oppression, develop  a systems change analysis 
  • Strategic brainstorming to identity a strategic area of systems change for creatives or using narrative work to build power in impacted communities.

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