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MuslimARC’s diverse team has led interactive workshops and trainings both on the ground and online for the general public. We can tailor our workshops to the needs and goals of a range of organizations from formats that include short discussion sessions to longer weekend retreats.

Please fill out the form here to request a speaker/workshop facilitator from MuslimARC at your online or on-the-ground event. We recommend requesting a booking 2-3 months in advance. Requests are reviewed once a week usually and once every 2-3 weeks during busy seasons.

You can view our current facilitators below.

Choose from one of the following tracks for your event:

Workshop Tracks
Note: There is a participant size limit per workshop. Workshops that have over 30 participants will require an additional facilitator.


This six part series “Racial Identity Series” explores the development of racialized communities, with a focus on Black, Arab, South Asian Americans to explore themes of racial formation, internalized racism, and intercultural conflict. Utilizing a mix of short informative presentations, and workshop exercises that include dialogue, storytelling, and art, each interactive session provides an introductory level workshop exploring how to uproot racism and foster multi-racial alliances.

This series includes the following six workshops:

  1. Racism 101
  2. Narrative and Oppression
  3. Identity, Privilege, and Self-Awareness
  4. Colorism, Internalized Oppression, & Intra-Community Issues
  5. Implicit Bias and Microaggressions
  6. Compassionate Intercultural Communication


Anti-Racism Competencies is a leadership development program that aims to bring about racial equity in social change work. MuslimARC has incorporated the latest research on anti-racism* and best practices in cultural competency** from the fields of education and social work - and insights from five years of training in predominantly People of Color spaces - to provide a results-based training. We will explore various forms of social identities for an intersectional approach. In these workshops, MuslimARC trainers will lead participants through interactive activities that increase awareness and skills for anti-racism competencies.

*an activist approach to dismantling systems of racial inequities

**a mindset, worldview, or way that an organization makes assumptions for effectively describing, responding to, and planning for issues that arise in diverse environments

This workshop aims to demonstrate the ideological roots and impact of Islamophobia on the lives of everyday people. Despite reports showing that Islamic terrorists pose a very small threat to Americans many are willing to divest from their civil liberties, encroach on American Muslims rights, and spend tax dollars on feeling more security. The Nation reported that the war on terror has cost this nation $5.6 trillion and the annual budget for the FBI’s counterrorism unit is $8.3 billion. The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) reported that between 2008-2013, over $200 million was spent to foster hatred and anti-Muslim legislation. The current climate highlights the link between political discourse, media narratives, and interpersonal violence. With the current administration enacting the Muslim Ban, there has been an increased focus on Islamophobia from the Right, as well as the spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes leading up to the 2016 election and following. However many Islamophobic policies pre-date the current administration and have deep roots in anti-Black racism, genocide, and imperialism.

This workshop aims to shed light on the ways in which Islamophobia is an outgrowth of structural racism, who it harms, and the ways in which the Islamophobia imperils our democracy. Participants will explore the roots of anti-Muslim bias, addressing the ways in which Muslims in the US are impacted by the criminal justice, immigration, and national security system.

Do you need a customized series of workshops for your organization, student group, youth, or trainers? MuslimARC has provided trainings on specific topics, merged workshops from different tracks to fit within an allotted time, and trained trainers on our specific anti-racism material. 

We have material on a variety of subjects and expert facilitators who have worked to customize workshops for participants. Request a tailored training that combines elements from different tracks or that focuses on training specific types of audiences.

Speakers & Trainers

The MuslimARC network of racial justice experts spans the United States. Learn more about our speakers and trainers below.

Margari Aziza Hill is an adjunct professor, blogger, editor, and freelance writer. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of MuslimARC, the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, an organization focusing on Education for Liberation. After converting to Islam in 1993, her life experiences as a Black American woman have informed her research and writing on Islam, education, race, and gender. She has nearly a decade of teaching experiences at all levels and has worked in education at various capacities. She earned her bachelor’s degree in History from Santa Clara University in 2003 and master’s in History of the Middle East and Islamic Africa from Stanford University in 2006. She has given talks and lectures in various universities and community centers throughout the country.

Namira Islam Anani is a lawyer and graphic designer. She is the Co-Founder and Community Engagement Director of the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC), an organization which provides racial justice education and training. Namira previously practiced in poverty law in Flint, Michigan; worked in prisoners’ rights litigation; and interned in international criminal law and war crimes for the United Nations in The Hague, The Netherlands. Her legal background includes research on racism, global education standards, and the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training. Namira has delivered lectures and workshops on diversity, community, and justice across the United States. She has written for multiple publications and provided commentary and analysis on identity, current events, and social justice narratives for radio shows, documentary films, and other media worldwide. Namira was born in Detroit, Michigan to Bangladeshi parents and currently resides in Metro Detroit. She is an alumna of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and the Michigan State University College of Law. She tweets @namirari.

Former MuslimARC Trainers:

Layla Abdullah-Poulos
Chiquita Williams
Tariq Toure
Hakeem Muhammad

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