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Call for Submissions

The reMARC blog aims to amplify voices as part of our work in transformational organizing. We hope to learn and grow from the stories shared on the blog. We welcome a range of stories, from personal experiences to observations about society and life. Through reMARC, MuslimARC provides a platform to share non-fiction, fiction, poetry, artwork, and other multimedia work relating to racism in Muslim communities.

Format: Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and art, including multimedia work

We want to hear your ideas in essays (500 – 1,200 words), fiction, poetry, art and multimedia (video, audio, new media) on topics including:

  • How you have faced racism within your social circles
  • How you personally deal with racism
  • How you have made attempts to overcome your own racism or implicit biases
  • When confronted with racism, how/why you spoke up
  • How you cope with people who only socialize with their own race or do not socialize with a certain race
  • The impact of racism on interracial marriage or the children of interracial marriage
  • Whether you have observed racism in the mosque or in Muslim communities
  • The effects of colorism on marriage and/or children
  • Observations on the ways racism is perpetuated and how this has affected you
  • How individuals seek social uplift from Islam or use it to counter racist discourse
  • Reflections on books, movies, events, and/or cultural events
  • and anything else you may think of.

We want to hear your story. Tell us about the issues that are important to you. You may use a pen name if you wish. Show us the world from your perspective.

Submit your piece below.

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