Past Campaigns


October 2016
  • ICNYU Part 3
  • Take On Hate Pt VI
  • Reflections at Standing Rock – Live Panel
  • Native Voices Standing Rock Call In

September 2016

August 2016
  • MuslimARC + Take On Hate Racial Identity Series Pt. IV
  • Youth Community Organizing at CAIR-LA August 11, 18, 23rd

July 2016
  • MuslimARC + Take On Hate Racial Identity Series Pt. III
  • Keynote and Workshops at Minidoka Pilgrimage
  • Black Muslim Psychology Conference July 23rd

June 2016
  • MuslimARC + Take On Hate Racial Identity Series Pt. II
  • Ramadan Anti-Racism @ ICNYU June 20 and 27th
  • MSA West Qiyam June 23

May 2016
  • ICNA-MAS Baltimore Workshop and Presentation May 28
  • MuslimARC + Take On Hate Racial Identity Series Part I  May 26

April 2016
  • GetSMART Conference April 23
  • Being Black and Muslim And… April 8
  • Black Lives Matter and Malcolm X @ USC  April 4

March 2016
  • Getting Race Wrong, ISPU March 25
  • Muslim InterScholastic Tournament, March 20
  • Presenting Findings of InterEthnic Study at Muslim Mental Health Conference March 19
  • Detroit Remembrance for Victims of Heinous Crimes, March 11

February 2016
  • Islam and Black America at NIA Masjid and Community Center
  • From Charleston to Chapel Hill at University of Florida

January 2016
  • Black in MSA at UCLA January 21
  • ISNA Education West Zone January 15
  • National Muslim Enrollment Weekend
  • Muslim Accountability Webinar January 8


December 2015
  • “That’s Racist” Texas Dawah Convention (Houston, TX)
  • Humanitarian Day (South LA, CA) – December 19
  • AMEL retreat (Stony Point, NY)
  • MPAC Community Change Makers Award Ceremony

November 2015
  • #BlackInMSA
  • InterEthnic Study presentation at Boston University
  • “Making  the Connection: Critical Anti-Islamophobia and Racial Justice” keynote speech at Empowering Women: Awareness to Action with AMAC (Nashville, TN)
  • “Muslim Masculinity and Social Activism” Muslim Masculinities in the Age of Feminism conference (Princeton, NJ) Tariq Toure

October 2015
  • Prayer Vigil for Dignity and Justice in Solidarity with Pope Francis
  • Fast Forward San Gabriel Masjid
  • MuslimARC Detroit Meet-Up – Ann Arbor, MI
  • MuslimARC ARCirlces in SoCal
  • InterEthnic Study presentation at Harvard Divinity School
  • MuslimARC Meet up in Boston
  • Getting Race Wrong — Angel’s Circle (Canton, MI)
  • #LatinoMuslims Part 2

September 2015
  • ISNA and Mosque Cares Conventions in Chicago
  • Building Bridges: Law Enforcement Abuses Against American Muslims and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. The Mosque Cares Convention
  • Policing Muslim Communities, UCLA Law School
  • A Family Divided at 52nd ISNA Convention
  • The New Jim Crow at 52nd ISNA Convention
  • The Transformative Power of Muslim Social Web at 52nd ISNA Convention
  • MuslimARC in Detroit Strategic Meeting

August 2015

June 2015
May 2015

April 2015
  • Presented: “Criminalization of Black Muslims” UC Berkeley Islamophobia Conference
  • My Sister’s Keeper at Chino Valley Islamic Center
  • Diversity in Muslim Communities, San Diego State University
  • Rad Talks

March 2015
  • Inclusivity in Islam Michigan State University College of Law
  • CVE Convening at CAIR-LA

February 2015

January 2015


December 2014
October 2014

September 2014
  • Race & Mental Health
  • Launch of ReMARC Blog

June 2014

May 2014

April 2014

February 2014

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MuslimARC Detroit

The Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative is based in Southern California and Metro Detroit. Become a MuslimARC Member today to get access ...
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MuslimARC’s #SacredPledge to #ResistRacism This phase in our society harkens to some of the bleakest periods of U.S. history, where politics of fear ...
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Where Do We Go From Here: Black Muslim Political Action

In the lead up to the presidential election Sapelo Square published a series of short reflections by Black Muslims considering themes ...
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Native Voices: National Call-In for Standing Rock – Pt II

About the Call This past Monday, MuslimARC hosted its second National Call-In in support of #StandingRock and Indigenous Rights. This ...
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Indigenous Peoples’ Campaign

Welcome to the Information and Resources page for the Indigenous Peoples' Campaign. Here, you can view our livestream panel, find ...
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#SupportStandingRock: Partners in Water, Pastures, and Fire

Rasul Allah (s.a.w.) said: “The people are partners in three things: water, pastures and fire.” Sometimes, it takes a long time for a ...
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We Must Win: National Muslim Call in For Black Lives

In response to the most recent police killings of #TerenceCrutcher in Tulsa and #KeithLamontScott in Charlotte, a consortium of American ...
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National Call-In #1 for #StandingRock – Recording & Next Steps

"National Call in for Muslim mobilization to Support Standing Rock Native Resistance. Join us for this important call with Native ...
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Top 10 MuslimARC Moments of 2015

With the first day of 2016, we are taking a moment to reflect on the previous year. There were many moments ...
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#BlackInMSA: 10 Recommendations for Muslim Student Organizations

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Assalamu Alaikum, “The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of ...
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Heritage Series: #LatinoMuslims

We started the conversation during Latino Heritage Month in 2014 with the online "Being Latino Muslim" panel with Hazel Gomez, ...
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52nd Annual ISNA Convention Stories of Resilience: Strengthening the American Muslim Narrative September 4 - 7, 2015 Donald E. Stephens ...
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The Medina: Muslim Urban Justice

By Margari Aziza Hill What does medina mean for Muslims in the United States? With major Muslim centers of population ...
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Rebuild With Love

Jazak Allah Kheir. With over 2,000 donors, lots of du'a, we have raised over $100,000 for the #RebuildWithLove campaign ...
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Inter-Ethnic Relations Study 2015

Study of Intra-Muslim Ethnic Relations: Muslim American Views on Race Relations Preliminary Report MuslimARC launched the first nationwide study of ...
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Get SMART Banner

Get SMART Conference 2015

Do you need to pay for your conference ticket? Please pay your $35 registration fee below. Jazakallah for your payment ...
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One Year of MuslimARC – Vote For Your #FavoriteMoment!

[space ] VOTING CLOSES FEBRUARY 12th at 11:59 PST Trouble viewing this form? View it online at Loading ...
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#LegacyX – Black History Month at MuslimARC 2015

Legacy X In honor of February Black History Month and in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of ...
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MuslimARC & Muslims For Ferguson “Call For Justice” Open Letter

Endorse this letter بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ Call for Justice: Joint Letter on American Muslim Solidarity Against Police Brutality January ...
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Top 10 MuslimARC Moments of 2014

MuslimARC launched in February of 2014. Check out some of the greatest moments of our inaugural year: 1. #BeingBlackAndMuslim Amplifies ...
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SOLIDARITY: Past, Present, and Future

Lessons on solidarity from the time of the Prophet (s), a look at solidarity among American Muslims in the recent ...
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LaunchGood: Fighting Racism

If you’re interested in supporting our anti-racism activism, please take a moment to check out our crowdfunding link and the ...
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Heritage Series: #EuroMuslims

We featured Muslims of white European ancestry: Storify: On October 30, 2014, MuslimARC led a conversation on Twitter about ...
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I Am MuslimARC Webseries

Anti-racism work is heart work and soul work. Watch our 4-part webseries on why leading American Muslim thinkers, activists, public ...
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Race and Muslim Mental Health ...
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Discussions on Race at ISNA51

by Heather Bukhari I attended ISNA's annual convention for the first time this year, which allowed me to participate in ...
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ISNA 2014

ISNA 2014 [space ] 51st Annual ISNA Convention August 29 - Sept 1 Cobo Center 1 Washington BLVD Detroit, MI ...
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#MuslimYouthRising ...
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As part of our Ramadan Anti-Racism (RAR) 2014 programming, MuslimARC asks Muslims from around the globe to tweet out images ...
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Ramadan Anti-Racism

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims all over the world. It is a time when many people intensify their ...
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Afro-Arab History & Arab American Heritage Month

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED at April 24, 2014 Afro-Arab History for Arab American Heritage by Margari Hill and Namira Islam The ...
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First Workshop – MIST Detroit

On Saturday, March 29th, 2014, MuslimARC led its first on the ground workshop. The workshop was held as a part ...
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#AsianMuslimVoices 2014

Asian Heritage Month 2014

IMPORTANT DATES  #NotFairAndLovely Campaign Wednesday, May 7th; 2 pm EST Intro post Resource post Storify Link #BeingAsianMuslim Thursday, May 15th ...
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MENA Heritage Month 2014

IMPORTANT DATES Wednesday, April 2nd; 2 pm EST #BeyondOrientalism conversation on Twitter Unpacking modern forms of orientalism (both internalized orientalism ...
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Submissions' period has ended... VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO! On Facebook ................................................................................ The ‘Fortynine13’ PSA contest is based on the ...
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Many of you have been following MuslimARC's hashtag campaigns and livetweets for Black History Month, including #BeingBlackAndMuslim, #BlackAndNoble, #DWHJW, & #UmmahAntiBlackness. As you may ...
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Black History Month on Twitter in 2014

Our fliers & collections of tweets for each hashtag we hosted (via Storify and Tumblr) during the month are below ...
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Letter to Imams: Response

Below is a collection of statements and khutbah recordings relating to the content in our February 2014 Letter to Imams ...
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MARC Logo Dark

Letter to Imams: Black History Month

UPDATE 3/1/14: Read our collection of Black History Month khutab and statements. — We need your help contacting different communities ...
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