Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 05:30 PM
The Shelby in Carson, CA

2019 SoCal Dinner

Creativity, Innovation, and Community : SoCal Dinner 2019

On Saturday, September 21, join MuslimARC and dozens of other organizations at the Shelby in Carson, CA for a glam night of artists, filmmakers, storytellers, and movement leaders telling the story of their anti-racism work in SoCal.

Our theme for our 2019 MuslimARC Anti-Racism Awards dinner is the "Muslim American Mosaic." Let’s celebrate Muslim creativity, innovation, and community building. The event will feature entertainment, community art, and plenty of networking with artists and activists doing amazing work in SoCal!

This will be an evening to meet fellow creatives across faith-based communities. Join us for delicious food, artistic performances, exciting news about our projects including our role in the new comedy East of La Brea, and our 2019 racial justice awards!

Tickets for sale online for $45 per personuntil 9/20 and $65 at the door. Tables (8 seats each) are available.

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Confirmed Speakers include

  • Makkah Ali, co-Host and Executive Producer for Identity Politics, facilitator, non-profit leader, and MuslimARC Board President based out of Chicago
  • Sameer Gardezi, CEO of Break the Room Media and Executive Producer of "East of La Brea" 
  • Margari Hill, MuslimARC Executive Director and Co-founder, educator, independent researcher, and freelance writer
  • Namira Islam,  MuslimARC Community Engagement Director, lawyer, and graphic designer.
  • Rasheed Shabazz,  co-founder of Habari Ummah, an Oakland-based Black Muslim-led collective focused on news, events, and culture. He is also a multimedia storyteller, urban planning historian, and youth development professional based in the Bay Area.
  • Entertainment include Akil the MC of Jurassaic 5, and more artists to be announced.

Stay tuned for announcements on featured artists and performers!

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Wednesday, October 02, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Critical Anti-Islamophobia Webinar (Fall 2019)

Despite reports showing that Islamic terrorists pose a very small threat to Americans many are willing to divest from their civil liberties, encroach on American Muslims rights, and spend tax dollars on feeling more security. The Nation reported that the war on terror has cost this nation $5.6 trillion and the annual budget for the FBI’s counterrorism unit is $8.3 billion. The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) reported that between 2008-2013, over $200 million was spent to foster hatred and anti-Muslim legislation. The current climate highlights the link between political discourse, media narratives, and interpersonal violence. With the current administration enacting the Muslim Ban, there has been an increased focus on Islamophobia from the Right, as well as the spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes leading up to the 2016 election and following. However many Islamophobic policies pre-date the current administration and have deep roots in anti-Black racism, genocide, and imperialism.

This workshop aims to shed light on the ways in which Islamophobia is an outgrowth of structural racism, who it harms, and the ways in which the Islamophobia imperils our democracy. Participants will explore the roots of anti-Muslim bias, addressing the ways in which Muslims in the US are impacted by the criminal justice, immigration, and national security system.

Past Campaigns

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  • Black in MSA at UCLA January 21
  • ISNA Education West Zone January 15
  • National Muslim Enrollment Weekend
  • Muslim Accountability Webinar January 8



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