Black History Month on Twitter in 2014


Our fliers & collections of tweets for each hashtag we hosted (via Storify and Tumblr) during the month are below. Media coverage and other articles are here. We appreciate your participation and support, and hope to continue and deepen these conversations inshaAllah.

Wednesday, February 12, 1 pm ES
#BeingBlackAndMuslim: tweets from black Muslims about their experiences.


Wednesday, February 19, 1 pm EST

#UmmahAntiBlackness: tweets regarding structural discrimination and policies that have marginalized ethnic minorities in Muslim-majority nations worldwide.

The Master Post – On Tumblr

Wednesday, February 26, 1 pm EST

#DroptheAWord: tweets raising awareness regarding the harmful usage of “ab**d” to describe black individuals and advocating for this usage to cease.

Thursday, February 20, 11 am to 1.30 pm EST
#BlackMuslimFuture: what Black Muslims would like to see happen in society, communities, nationally, and/or globally in the future.

More information about our esteemed panelists: here. Questions were submitted under #askMARC.




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