The Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC) just bought a house in Detroit! After nearly 4 years as a virtual organization, we are now taking steps to own our own brick and mortar space. We took this big step while commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit Uprising. We joined efforts with the Dream of Detroit  and for just $1,000 purchased a 100 year old abandoned building. The ARChouse will be a space where we can effectively address institutional racism, the marginalization and criminalization of communities of color. MuslimARC’s neighbors include working class families, the Muslim Center, the Dream of Detroit office, the renown Detroit Repertory Theatre, the Huda Clinic and Huda Community Garden, an Artist residence, as well as open lots and abandoned properties. Join MuslimARC as we take part in this neighborhood’s comeback by donating $8, $16, $168, $688, or $1688 today at (ARChouse),

MuslimARC advisor Hazel Gomez wrote, “Our task, if we’re to remain relevant to society at large, is to create viable, urban, multi-ethnic, Muslim-led, values-based communities.” We support the model of  Kenny Luqman Gamble’s Universal Companies which have revitalized South Philadelphia, MacArthur Genius Award winner Dr. Rami Nashashibi of Inner City Muslim Action Network (IMAN), and Mark Crain of Dream of Detroit all contribute to Muslim Urban Justice. Our curriculum draws on their example, as well as our faith values and historical models, such as  7th century Yathrib to  African and indigenous Maroon communities, to support freedom and dignity. Help continue that work and reach our ARCHouse fundraiser  goal of $84,000


The Project

The 1900 square feet house is a duplex with two units (one on the ground floor and one on the second floor), and has a full basement and attic that we will be able to use.

We are working to outfit the house for the following:

  • Operational office space: we plan on using at least 2 of the 4 bedrooms as office space for MuslimARC staff, interns, and volunteers (and to rent out to others who might be interested)
  • Training and workshop space: we’ll be using main rooms to conduct trainings and workshops for small groups and we’ll be outfitting the space with tech and tools to brainstorm, strategize, and learn
  • Event space: we plan to host events like our ARCircles (anti-racism discussion circles) and other large group gatherings in the basement and yard of the house
  • Overnight space: we hope to use some space for lodging for overnight retreat guests, out of town speakers or trainees, and others

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Donor Levels

This space is a community space, and as such, we want to include people from far and wide in building and creating the MuslimARC House. For each level below, we have included specific rewards that will demonstrate the strength of our collective efforts to all who visit the House in the future. Through art and community good-will, we hope to have a warm, inviting space for people to create, connect, and cultivate.

Level Amount Rewards
Copper $168
  1. Your name on the MuslimARC Detroit website
  2. Your initials will be added to artwork displayed in the completed House
  3. You will receive a MuslimARC keychain
Bronze $688
  1. Your name on the MuslimARC Detroit website
  2. Your full name will be added to artwork displayed in the completed House
  3. MuslimARC keychain and t-shirt
Silver $1,688
  1. Your name on the MuslimARC Detroit website
  2. MuslimARC keychain, pen, and t-shirt
  3. Your full name will be engraved into a brick that will be placed in the completed House
Gold $6,880
  1. Your name on the MuslimARC Detroit website
  2. MuslimARC keychain, pen, and t-shirt
  3. We will dedicate a room in the House in your name
Platinum $16,880
  1. Your name on the MuslimARC Detroit website
  2. MuslimARC keychain, pen, and t-shirt
  3. We will dedicate a floor of the House in your name


The Project

We bought the home for just $1,000 and have only a few months to rehabilitate it and get it up to code so we can open our doors. Our newly hired contractors through Detroit Property Services estimate that their team can do it in three months. We are on a payment structure as the work begins so any funds collected will immediately go toward paying the contractors for their work on the rehab.  We hope to open our doors in February 2018 with a housewarming party. Donate what you can to help us get there. The total estimated cost for the rehab is $84,000. Here are the specific funding needs:

Phase Amount Task Description
1 $4000 Tree removal Cutting down and removing some trees around property
2 $1000 Support beams Lifting up the house from the basement and adding support beams to level the floors and make them safe to walk on
3 $5000 Foundation rebuild Rebuilding walls and adding needed drains in the basement
4 $10,000 Roof Removing and replacing the roof and adding any wood that needs to be replaced
5 $5000 Porch Removing and replacing the upper and lower porch for both units
6 $5000 Windows and doors Installing 30 double hung, 6 glass block (basement) windows and 4 exterior doors
7 $7500 Siding Installing siding, gutters and downspouts
8 $4500 Electrical Rough In Installing new wiring in both units; breaker panels for both units; new service meter boxes for both units; 220 volt wiring for kitchens in both units; 220 volt wiring dryers in both units
9 $4800 Ductwork Rough In Installing lower unit ductwork in basement going up thru lower unit floors. We will also install upper unit ductwork in attic going down thru upper unit ceilings
10 $5000 Plumbing Rough In Replacing all water supply pipes with PEX pipes and all drains with new PVC
11 $3000 Drywall Repair and replace all damaged walls and ceilings
12 $5700 Paint Painting basement walls, ceiling, floor and back upper and lower stairs; painting all interior walls and ceilings. Ceilings will be white with white trim and walls the color of customers choice
13 $6000 Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops Adding new cabinets, countertops and backsplash to both kitchens
14 $5500 Ceramic Tile Installing ceramic tile to lower unit living room floor, dining room floor, kitchen floor and bathroom shower area, and floor
15 $3200 Plumbing Finishing Installing 2 toilets, 2 vanities, 2 bathroom faucets, 2 shower diverters, 2 kitchen sinks, 2 kitchen faucets, 2 laundry tubs, 2 laundry tub faucets, 2 hot water heaters
16 $1500 Electrical Finishing Installing all outlets, switches, light fixtures and GFI’s
17 $2600 HVAC Finishing Installing 2 new 75k BTU furnaces to upper and lower units
18 $1500 Wood Floor Refinishing Sanding, staining and add 2 coats of polyurethane to wood floors and front stairs in upper unit

To Give



We are so excited to provide trainings to leaders in partner organizations, support collaborative neighborhood development projects, and offer service learning residencies for MuslimARC fellows and interns. Thanks so much to our generous funders, sponsors, and over 200 online donors we’ve passed the campaign’s halfway mark. In this political climate, we need more wins and positive stories about Muslims making a difference. Let’s get the buzz going and make this campaign successful by sharing on social media. Donate and sharing with your social network why you support MuslimARC. Donations to MuslimARC are processed through Allied Media Projects, a 501c3 tax deductible organization. Be sure to make your check out to Allied Media Projects and write “MuslimARC” in the memo line.  You may mail checks directly to us at PO Box 577 Southfield, MI 48037. You can donate online from this website below:


AWESOME PROJECT: MuslimARC is coming home to Detroit

Can This Muslim Community Create a Model for Rebuilding Detroit?

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